Sunday, June 8, 2008

I have jewelry to make for a gallery in town and samples to make for a new account, I have swap projects to finish, belated birthday gifts to make, a house to clean, family and pets to care for , and a day job. I have a lot to do with too few hours in the day to do it all, and with all of these projects and requirements facing me I have decided to make a quilt! I'm not sure, but this may be the first sign I am losing my mind.

I am in desperate need of new bedding and I can't find anything out there I like, let alone love enough to pay $300.00 or more for. So I have decided to make a quilt. How hard can it be?!? I love fabrics and textiles so I have amassed an interesting collection of colors, patterns and textures to make a quilt. Again, how hard can it be to sew squares together, at least that is my original thought. But I know how I am and I am sure sewn squares will become squares of collage and applique, ribbons and lace, hand painting and embroidery. I am not really a basic kind of gal so a simple square quilt probably won't satisfy me.

Did I mention I don't really sew and have limited quilt making experience? In college I decided to make a quilt for an art class. Each square had a stuffed applique on it and when assembled each puffy shape made a beautiful pattern. Because the quilt was king size and involved more puffy appliques than quilting the finished piece was too heavy to pick up, let alone sleep under! I truly think it weighed more that a futon bed when it was completed. I don't recall what I ended up doing with it but I suspect somewhere out there a homeless family is using it for a bed. I don't really sew well, my tiny little sewing machine is more of a toy than a miracle making machine, and I have limited working space. With the tiny sewing machine and no work space I don't know how I will even be able to machine quilt a queen size quilt, there just isn't any room for all of that fabric. I think I may quilt finished blocks and then somehow sew them all together to make one large quilt, can you do that? I'm sure if any quilters are reading this they are shuddering at the thought. What can I say, sometimes you must be creative in unexpected ways and those are the times you come up with some really great discoveries. At least that is what I am hoping. I am determined to make a wonderfully funky, one of a kind quilt for my bed so stay tuned, this ought to be interesting......

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ekoenig said...

OMG! You have lost your mind! ;)
That's quite a project you've signed yourself up for -- better pick up a copy of Sew Somerset next! Or Quilting Arts ...
I cannot sew, so I have no advice for you. Can't wait to see the finished product! I tip my crafting hat to you, my friend.
I'll write and tell you all about the Michael Demeng class soon, I promise. i haven't finished my piece yet.