Monday, June 2, 2008

Artful Reading

I have a serious addiction to art books and magazines, there, I have said it out loud! I love nothing more than a fresh stack of publications and a lazy afternoon spent going over each one from cover to cover. I marvel at all the wonderful things people come up with and more often than not I discover a new tangent for my own work.

Yesterday I picked up the latest copy of "Artful Blogging" by Somerset Studio and a book by Rice Freeman-Zachery called "Living The Creative Life". Do yourself a favor and run out right now and buy both!

Since I am new to the whole world of blogging I was quite happy to find a publication I could turn to for tips and ideas. And since it is published by Somerset Studio I knew it was going to be good! I can't tell you how happy I am I have found this publication, it will definitely be added to my regular arsenal of must reads. I realize I have far to go in the world of blogging but this publication is going to make my journey easier and more fun. It really reinforced my beliefs that art can be found anywhere and everywhere and there is an entire community of individuals out there with different perspectives but the same viewpoint. If you are a seasoned blogger or considering getting into it, even if you have no intention of ever blogging in your life, take a look at this publication! The images and art work are beautiful, and the writing is heartfelt and inspiring.

And then there is "Living The Creative Life". If you are a fan of Somerset Studio you will love this book as it features many of the artists who regularly contribute to Somerset Studios publications, artists like Sas Colby, Claudine Hellmuth, and Michael DeMeng. Not only is "Living The Creative Life" full of inspiring ideas to kick start your creativity and help you move past those god awful artistic blocks it is full of amazing artwork by diverse artists like Scott Radke, Rebekah Hodous, Susan Shie and others. This is a gem of a book and I know it is going to become dog eared over time as I will return to it for rejuvenation time and time again.

So why are you still sitting there, go out and buy these publications!!!


ekoenig said...

I just picked up a copy of Artful Blogging too and was going to tell you about it! I bought the first issue and loved it, but I was hoping for a bit more instructional tech tips. Does that issue have more tips on how to customize blogs?
I have been eying that book too!
I am addicted to art books too, so maybe we could go to rehab together!!
Michaeld Demeng's class was awesome! My head is still spinning from all of the new paint techniques I learned.

An Altered Life said...

Ha, ha, great minds think alike!

Artful Blogging doesn't really have the technical info but it is still really inspiring to see what others are doing.

I want to hear all about Michael's class and I want to see what you made!

Ricë said...

thanks for the nice post about my book. glad you're enjoying it. and isn't Artful Blogging terrific? my blog will nevereverever look like any of those, but it's sure fun to see what other people are doing and how luscious theirs are--