Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sirens Of The Sea

Father's Day was a festival of mermaids at my friends gallery. It was the first annual Mermaid Fest and it featured The Mermaids of Hawaii, a synchronized swimming group, artist demos and an array of work celebrating the sea and it's mythical creatures. Here are a few of the encaustic pieces I did.

The wax really enhanced the underwater feel of the pieces, adding a murky layer to some pieces and giving the effect of encrusted buried treasure
to others.

I must admit mermaids are not a theme I would consider doing but it turned out to be fun, and I got to use up a lot of the shells I had laying around the house. And the fact that the pieces sold, well, that was like discovering the pearl inside of the oyster, something you hope for and yet you are surprised and delighted by when it happens........

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Mare'ka said...

i am a siren of the sea and if you don't believe me i have the bracelet to prove it. and i use it to deflect bullets, and chain and enslave the enemies. thanks again betsy :-)