Sunday, May 11, 2008

Without You

How was I to know
Where the distant road would lead
The night I turned my back
And walked briskly
Out of your life

So inexperienced in the ways of survival
So head strong in my own ideals
I thought you would be easy to replicate
I did not honor the sanctity
Your soul held with mine

How could I have known
The love and loss
I was to face
Surprisingly sweet
Yet bland
By the absence of your laugh
And the lightness of your touch

I know what I have become
Without you
An adventurer
Seeking thrills in foreign beds
Never paying for my dreams with my dignity
Yet never satiating the hunger in my soul
For someone who knew me
As you did

How could I become who I expected to be
When so much of what I believed
Myself to be
Was wrapped up in you.


ekoenig said...

You really are quite a writer! very powerful imagery and feelings in your verse ...
Thanks for sharing.

An Altered Life said...

Coming from a professional writer as yourself I feel oh so honored! Thanks for your support.

Sacred Snatch said...

OMG, you blog like a big girl too! hehe, thanks for finding me, you know I am gonna link you up real good too!

Yay for Betsy!

Girrrrrrl, are you twittering yet? lol