Monday, May 5, 2008


The stained walls of my mind
House dark memories
And molded fragments
Of a story left untold

Ours was a happy ending which never came
Yet I lingered there far too long
Hoping for another chapter
Wanting to rewrite the summary of our fate

I dwelt in passing moments
As images became blurred by vision
Deliberately left out of focus
It was easier to believe
Yet harder to forget

Dreams float just out of reach
Somehow they seem closer
Feel warmer
Become more hopeful than they are

Images close enough to taste
Not near enough to touch
Create an ache for more
If only in a fragmented dream

Endings, like beginnings
Peel away ones soul
Like brittle wall paper
You become fragile and exposed.

1 comment:

ekoenig said...

very powerful! makes me want to know more ...