Saturday, April 25, 2009

1 Fetus + 1 Tile = Infantile

Once again I wonder where time has gone and why I haven't been on here more. OK, well I know why I haven't been on here more but time does slip by at a fast rate these days. I got hit with that nasty flu bug that was going around, it knocked me off my feet much longer than it should have. Then there was the death of someone who was very special to me, that has left me numb and blue and not feeling up to much of anything. I have finally rallied a bit and felt some art therapy was in order!

If you have been following my ramblings on here you know my friend Erin sent me a blank metal tile which was calling for some makeover magic. Also, a very long time ago she sent out a plastic fetus, not only to me but to many of her artist friends (you have to love a gal who has a bag full of plastic fetuses). I think everyone has used them in some creative way but I still had not done anything with the two I received and I was beginning to feel guilty about that. I still have a project in mind for one of them but I decided to take the other one and combine it with the tile to make an infant-tile :)

The finished piece is called Infantile de Infanta,
the infant child of Portuguese royalty.
I am feeling better already..........


ekoenig said...

hee hee
you absolutely made my day with this little masterpiece!!!!! I adore it and you more than words can express.
thank you so much for being my friend and for lifting my spirits with creative surprises on my doorstep, sent all the way from your corner in paradise. Wish I was there ... or you were here ...

(ha. had to tell you that the word verification that blogger has given me to type in for this comment is frack. are you frick?)

An Altered Life said...

Right back at you! You made my day when you sent the pieces to me, I'm glad the finished product brought a smile to your face.
And yes, I am frick :)

Supria Karmakar said...

That is so funny and clever...'infan-tile' it and the piece is great..glad you are feeling better..sorry you were under the weather..I know how that knocks the spirits a bit...hope you are feeling aligned and you again...thanks for dropping by...I appreciate your encouragement and feedback - truly.

Krissi said...

"INFANT-TILE!" OMG, you absolutely crack me up! Oh, and how you made something so beautiful out of a plastic fetus is still beyond me.