Saturday, February 28, 2009

Telling Tales

You were a master storyteller
talking to my body with yours
creating mysteries
exploring plots
always careful
to navigate
between the lines

As rain dripped down
steamy windows
in the cold of darkest nights
you bound yourself to me
and transformed us...

As characters in another time
you spun tales
of gods and goddesses
who much like us
fought their demons
and reveled in their dreams
finding comfort in the arms
of lovers well spent

Heaven unfolded upon the ceiling
as you created a universe
for me
of loving hope
and sacred lust

You pointed to distant stars
and said our home was there
up in the heavens
beyond the reality
of dark nights
and bitter rain.


Sacred Yoli said...

Wow. I feel like I need a cig, and I don't smoke! Very nice!

An Altered Life said...

Yoli, you crack me up! Thanks though :)

ekoenig said...

i second that Yoli!
another beautifully written piece, sweet bets.

An Altered Life said...

I am so lucky to have my very own fan club, ha, ha. You guys are so supportive, thank you!