Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beads, Beads, And More Beads............

I finally finished yet another long over due project. I started making this beaded cuff for a friend last year, and after a few delays I managed to complete it in time to give it to her for Christmas this year. This is another example of me thinking "how hard can it be to bead a little bracelet?". Well, it wasn't really all that difficult but I do have a hard time seeing those tiny little bead holes, then I misplaced all the semi precious bead chips I got to edge the bracelet with, then there were a few issues with the clasps on the back..... It was an ongoing adventure to be sure, but all in all I think it turned out ok.


ekoenig said...

I love this, Betsy!!!!
Fabulous work.

Shopgirl said...

While peeking in your window so to speak, I love your blog. I read that your friends understand you, and something about falling down. My friends understand that I can fall on my butt and bounce! They get that I get excited about small little nothings...I get that look...and I love them all. Now that I have left a note at your door, do come see me sometime.
Mary, Idaho

An Altered Life said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for stopping by. I think I am the worst blogger in the world, (I need to post more), but I am glad to add you to the 4 people who read this, ha, ha. And yes, isn't it great that we have friends who understand our quirks!